The other day I marveled at something I saw on Facebook. Someone posted a photo of a bottle of pop and three bags of candy, saying what a horrible day she had had and how her significant other knew how to make everything better.

I asked Chuck how waking up the next morning weighing three pounds more than you did when you went to bed would make everything better.

Don’t we all do that to ourselves, though?

“I’ve had such a bad day, I deserve this bag of candy/box of donuts/pizza (fill in the blank).”

Please, please, please let me feel that way about exercise.

The Bible says the heart is deceitfully wicked, but I kind of feel that way about my tongue. Is it my heart that wants the sugar or my tongue? What member of our bodies deceives us when it comes to food? What part of our bodies believes that the donut we are about to pop into our mouths is the answer to all our prayers? We think it will make us happy, but it’s only a small “kick.”

Oh, sure, it gives our endorphins a rush until that last gram of sugar dissolves on our tongue. Then we’re left with wanting more. Either that or we’re left with shame and guilt and extra pounds.

“Girl, you thought you found the answer
On that magic carpet ride last night,
But when you wake up in the mornin’
The world still gets you uptight.

Well, there’s nothin’ that you ain’t tried
To fill the emptiness inside,
But when you come back down, girl,
You still ain’t feelin’ right.

And don’t it seem like
Kicks just keep gettin’ harder to find
And all your kicks ain’t bringin’ you peace of mind
Before you find out it’s too late, girl,
You better get straight,

No, but not with kicks.
You just need help, girl.

Well, you think you’re gonna find yourself
A little piece of paradise,
But it ain’t happened yet,
So, girl, you better think twice.

Don’t you see, no matter what you do,
You’ll never run away from you,
And if you keep on runnin’
You’ll have to pay the price.

And don’t it seem like
Kicks just keep gettin’ harder to find
And all your kicks ain’t bringin’ you peace of mind
Before you find out it’s too late, girl,
You better get straight.

No, you don’t need kicks
To help you face the world each day.
That road goes nowhere.
I’m gonna help you find yourself another way.

Kicks just keep gettin’ harder to find
(Oh, you don’t need kicks, girl)
And all your kicks ain’t bringin’ you peace of mind
(You just need help, girl)
Before you find out it’s too late, girl
You better get straight

And don’t it seem like
Kicks just keep gettin’ harder to find
(Oh, you don’t need kicks, girl)
And all your kicks ain’t bringin’ you peace of mind
(You just need help, girl)
Before you find out it’s too late, girl
You better get straight.”

Thank you, Paul Revere and the Raiders, for that important public service announcement about food.

Remember, food is your fuel, not your friend, not your entertainment, not your drug. You don’t need it for kicks–because kicks just keep getting harder to find. It’s true. It takes more and more to satisfy whatever it is you’re seeking to gain from it.

I Know a Heartache When I See One

Lately I’ve been listening to songs with new ears, and it occurs to me how many of them can be assigned to emotions about food. Seriously, I’ve heard at least a few whose subject could be my ugly, yet powerful nemesis: sugar. I am going to try to bring these songs to my feeble mind when I am bombarded by relentless temptations in weak moments.

Here is my first one. Maybe it will help you, too, if you’re familiar with Jennifer Warner’s crossover hit from the seventies.

“I Know a Heartache When I See One”

Look at who the wind’s blowin’ up the road,
Shining like a northern star,
Actin’ like the answer to all my prayers,
But, baby, I know what you really are.

So don’t you knock on my door:
I won’t be home anymore.
You can find me out walking in the sun.
Oh, you hide it so well
It isn’t easy to tell,
But I know a heartache (heart attack, diabetic foot amputation)
When I see one.

Cider POP!!

As promised, today I’m writing a little about apple cider vinegar and its health benefits.  Boring, right?  Pretty much, but if you follow Trim Healthy Mama you will hear quite a bit of buzz about something called “Good Girl Moonshine.”  A lot of the ladies drink it faithfully.  I can’t make a go of it.  To be honest I’ve only tried it about three times, but that apple cider vinegar is nasty, nasty, nasty.  I have a whole shelf full of different flavors of tea that ladies have urged me to try in my “GGMS,” but I’ve kind of given up on it after my first few failed attempts at making something palatable.

Having said that, I’m copying the following information off the Trim Healthy Mama Facebook page.  These are some of the healthy benefits that apple cider vinegar offers you:

•It is abundant in potassium which is imperative for growth and building muscles, the transmission of nerve impulses, heart activity and preventing brittle teeth and hair loss.

•It encourages weight loss by breaking down fats to be used instead of stored in your adipose tissue.

•It is loaded with acetic acid which slows the digestion of starch and lowers the rise in glucose levels that occur post mealtime.

•It is anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial due to its high levels of malic acid.

•It is super alkalinizing though being rich in ash.

•It lowers bad cholesterol and helps to regulate blood pressure.

•It is a powerful detox tool and improves bowel function.

•It clarifies the skin.

•New research reveals it shows strength in killing cancer cells or slowing their growth.

After reading all that, who wouldn’t want a big daily dose of this wonderful ingredient, right?  I think I may have found a solution.

May I introduce to you “Cider Pop“!!

I’d been struggling to increase my water consumption when I stumbled across the Mio water enhancers that my brother and his wife brought to my daughter while she was in the hospital.  I’d read on THM Beginners that they were off-plan, but, after reading the back label and seeing they had no calories, I decided to use them, anyway.  At least they would help me drink more water, and they’re quite delicious.

In my search for Skinny Girl water enhancers at my tiny-town Walmart, which are on plan, I found some other ones that caught my eye.  I’ve always been a big fan of Crush, both the orange and grape varieties.  When I saw Crush water enhancers I was intrigued.  Yes, unfortunately, these have off-plan ingredients, too (or at least one off-plan ingredient), but, again, no calories, no fat, and only one carb or something like that.

When I ran across the recipe for Cider Pop a few days ago, I wondered how hard it would be to drink the ACV in sparkling water (aka seltzer water, aka club soda).  I decided to give it a whirl and picked up both the orange and grape Crush water enhancers, along with the Great Value brand in blue raspberry.  The club soda I had to buy at Piggly Wiggly because our Walmart doesn’t have any bubbly water at all that doesn’t have sweeteners in it, but the Best Choice brand is only ninety-nine cents for a two-litre bottle.

Let me just say, “Wow WEEE!”  I drank four grape Cider Pops yesterday in my new pint and a half jars that I picked up at Walmart when I got some new Ball wide mouth lid inserts and straws.  I am excited about this on so many levels. It had been months and months since I’ve had any kind of pop, and this stuff makes my taste buds go “ZING”!  I can’t wait to try the other flavors, but I probably won’t do that until I run out of the grape!  Haha!  I really, really love the grape!  (Click here to check out the Stur water enhancers that are on plan!  They have received positive reviews from THM’rs, so it’s worth checking out!)

I am also thrilled about my new pint and a half jars with the lid inserts and straws!  Not only are they just so darn cute and colorful, they fit in the cup holders in my car and bus!  That’s worth the investment right there!  I got the purple color, but next on my list is the blue (to match the color of the blue raspberry Cider Pop, of course!).  In my opinion, you can’t have too many lid inserts and straws.  Pretty up your beverages!  Make every sip seem like a birthday party!

Stats for Wednesday, April 22:
Weight:  didn’t check.
Exercise:  20:50 minutes on the treadmill (mostly at 2.8 m.p.h., but I bumped it up to 3.0 and 3.5 m.p.h. the last few minutes to get a mile in).
Blood sugar:  95 (8:30, after treadmill, before breakfast),
Pre-breakfast (5:20) FP:  FSF (page 240 in the book, only I use a heaping teaspoon of instant coffee and eight packets of Truvia).
Breakfast (8:45) E:  Baked blueberry yogurt oatmeal (Lately, I have been increasing the oats to 1/2 cup and the almond milk to 1/2 cup, the baking powder to 1/2 teaspoon, the cinnamon to a heaping 1/2 teaspoon, and I’ve been using a tablespoon of Truvia, which I almost forgot to put in it this morning!  That’s probably the only way you can mess up this recipe, forgetting to add sweetener.  I have seen, however, that at least one lady likes to make hers without any sweetener at all.  It would take me a while to get used to that, I’m afraid!).
Lunch (12:15) S:  Lettuce salad with celery, cucumber, onion, grape tomatoes, two slices of lean oven-roasted turkey from the deli and ranch dressing and 1/4 cup of off-plan Hunter nut mix from Sam’s Club.  I have decided that no salad I can buy at any restaurant can stack up to what I’ve been fixing at home for lunch every day!  Eight bites into it and my salivary glands are still going crazy!  I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed salad so much in my entire life!!  (I am grateful for parents who fixed so many yummy lettuce salads while I was growing up.  We had our own garden which we kids helped to tend.  Okay, we were kind of forced to help–and much of our time in the garden was spent sitting on our tin buckets and lobbing big dirt clods at one another–but the rewards were great.  My dad always put a bottle of pop [remember when pop came in sixteen-ounce glass bottles?] in the freezer for each of us.  We knew, when we came in from weeding the garden, a nice, slushy bottle of Coke or Dr. Pepper would be waiting for us.)
Afternoon snack (4:00) E:  Gala apple and Triple Zero strawberry yogurt with a packet of Truvia stirred in.
Dinner (7:45) S:  Cheesy chicken enchilada’s from Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen. Chuck will be ecstatic about that; they are wonderful!  At least that’s what the plans are for lunch, afternoon snack and dinner at this moment in time, 9:43 a.m.  The Lord may have other ideas.

Have a GREAT Wednesday, everyone!  Be kind to others–and to yourself, too!