THM Meal Printouts and Journal Covers

Here are four links for tools designed by Delena Soukupova that may help you in your Trim Healthy Mama journey!  The first is a printout for you to record what you ate each meal.  In the corner of each menu square is a circle where you will write the meal category (S, E, FP, S helper, Crossover).

The second link is a meal printout with a place to record the page number the meal is found on in the book, along with a separate place to record any exercise for the day and a water cross-off chart.

You may want to make a whole journal with these printouts, either for gifts for your THM friends and family, or to take along with you to doctors appointments.

The third and fourth links are for journal covers should you want to start a three-ring binder.

Click here for meal printout.

Click here for meal printout with THM page number and water intake chart.

Click here for blue butterfly journal cover.

Click here for yellow butterfly journal cover.

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  1. For some reason, I am still not getting notifications of your posts. I wonder what the problem could be. Anyone else having this issue?

    1. Over on the sidebar menu there is a subscribe via email option. I just recently figured out how to put that on there. Type your email into the space provided and then click on “subscribe” under that! Thank you! Hope this solves the issue for you.

  2. I have been reading your wonderful blog! I am in Kansas City too! I live outside of Belton near Johnson Farms and have a couple of friends on THM also. Have you started a group in KC or know of one?

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