Costco Shopping List

I will add items and prices to this list as the weeks go by.  For now I’m just putting the items I buy here on the list.  Soon I will try to fill in the other details.  The following prices were recorded on March 28, 2015 in the Kansas City, Missouri area.  Asterisks show which items are a better value than at Sam’s Club.

Ezekiel bread (found in the freezer section) – two 24-ounce loaves for $6.99
Fage Greek yogurt – 48-ounce carton for $6.49
Horizon half and half – 64-ounce carton for $4.99
Kirkland egg white cartons – six 16-ounce cartons for $7.49 (better price than Sam’s Club.  At Sam’s Club, the box only has four cartons in it.)
Wyman’s frozen blueberries – four-pound bag for $11.99
Triple berry blend – four-pound bag for $11.99
Pure Nature frozen broccoli florets – four individual pound bags for $5.99.
Kirkland organic frozen strawberries – four-pound bag $9.79
*Flax USA golden flax meal – three-pound bag $6.99
Quaker Oats old-fashioned rolled oats – two five-pound bags for $7.99
Himalayan pink salt with grinder – 13 ounces for $3.99
Kirkland organic coconut oil – two 42.3 ounce jars $26.99
Kirkland ground sirloin patties – six pounds (18 count) for $23.49
*Laughing Cow cheese – 4/6 oz. containers $9.29 (I only saw the lite Swiss)
*Truvia – 400-count box for $14.97
cream cheese – six 8-ounce boxes for $6.39
*McCormick parsley flakes  2.5 oz  $3.99
Kirkland pure vanilla extract (no sugar)  16 oz. $7.99
Kirkland almond butter  27 oz. $10.99
Almond Breeze vanilla unsweetened almond milk 6/32 oz.  $9.32
Kirkland whole almonds   3 lbs.  $16.89
Kirkland walnuts 3 lbs. $18.99
Kirkland pecan halves 2 lbs. $12.89
Organic peanut butter powder (off-plan because of the organic coconut sugar, but I buy it, anyway.  Only 40 calories for two tablespoons.)  32 oz.  $13.99
*Truvia  400-count box  $14.99
Lindsey sliced black olives  33 oz.  $4.89
Vlasic Kosher dills  128 oz.  $3.75
*Hellmann’s mayonnaise  64 oz.  $7.59
Kirkland goat cheese 2/10.5 oz. $6.99
Avocados  six for $5.99
*Hidden Valley Ranch (I only saw Homestyle and Homestyle Lite) 2/40 oz. $8.79

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3 thoughts on “Costco Shopping List”

    1. I bought two Hidden Valley Homestyle Ranch salad dressings yesterday at Costco. The two-pack (80 ounces) only cost me $6.99 or something like that. Normally it is eight something for two. I bought it and then checked the price at Sam’s Club where I thought it was seven something, but found out it’s the same price at Sam’s Club that it usually is at Costco. The only difference is that I usually buy the original and all I could find at Costco was the Homestyle and the Light. Maybe it’s because my husband was with me and he was trying to hurry me along! LOL I was writing all the prices down on the back of a checkbook since I had forgotten my notebook at home.

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