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Someone asked me to start a list for items available at Sam’s Club to correspond to my Costco list.  Just call me a genie in a bottle: your request has been granted.  Obviously, I didn’t have all day to spend in there, but I found a few prices and will fill in more with each shopping trip.  Keep in mind that these prices reflect what the cost of living is here in the Kansas City, Missouri area.  Your area of the country may have higher or lower prices.  They are also prices I found on 4/25/2015.  I will put asterisks beside the items that are a better buy at Sam’s Club vs. Costco.  I will do the same on my Costco page.

Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing (original and original light) 2/40 oz. $8.84
Starkist Tuna 12/5 oz. cans $8.49
Daily Chef canned chicken breast  5/13 oz. cans $10.39
400-ct. box of Truvia $15.48
Hellmann’s mayonnaise 2/36 oz. $8.45
Barleann’s ground flaxseed 2/24 oz. bags $6.98
Barleann’s Chia seeds 38 oz. $11.98
*Barleann’s coconut oil  60oz. $13.98
Quinoa & brown rice w/garlic 6/8.5 oz. pouches $10.98 (didn’t check ingredient list; sorry, don’t know if it’s on plan or not)
Tone’s chili powder  20 oz. $5.88 (didn’t find chili powder at Costco)
Tone’s parsley flakes  2.7 oz. $4.38
Organic vanilla extract  16 oz. $14.88
*McCormick’s vanilla extract 16 oz.  $6.98
Hershey’s unsweetened cocoa  23 oz. $7.48 (couldn’t find cocoa at Costco)
Triple Zero Greek yogurt (strawberry and mixed berry only) 16 pack  $12.16 (didn’t see this brand at Costco)
*Townsend Farms blueberries  3 lb. bag $7.48
Dole mixed berries  3 lb. bag  $9.94
*Well-pict sliced strawberries  5 lbs. $9.78
Planters Mixed Nuts with sea salt  56 oz. for $15.96
Planters cashewswith sea salt 46 oz. for $15.96

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  1. hi, dirinda! i’m in the kansas city area as well – mid30s in prairie village to be specific. do you know of any groups of women who meet together for support in THM? in person i mean? i really feel like i need that at this point. if you have any ideas, please feel free to email me! thanks so much!

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