The Week in Shorthand

Learning disability. Lacking social skills. Bad associations/poor choices. “Girlfriend” troubles. Crazy family. Crazy friend. Car chase. Death threats against our whole family. Police called. Our house added to the nightly patrol route. Frustration. Chaos. Conflict. Crying. Panic attack. Hyperventilation. At my wit’s end.

God says, “Talk to Me.”

Pray, pray, pray, pray,
Pray, pray, pray.
Let my problems
All blow away.

Grown children with learning disabilities are a challenge. I have one. I also have control issues. I am convinced all our lives would turn out perfectly if everyone would just do exactly as I say: be friends with whom I say to be friends with, avoid whom I say to avoid. If only life were that simple.

6 thoughts on “The Week in Shorthand”

  1. I’m sorry you are having so many challenges, and these do not sound minor at this time. Prayers for strength and good outcome for all ?

  2. I agree! If only it were that simple. Our children, who are no longer children except in our hearts and minds, are much smarter than we can imagine. I have learned in this 65 years of mine that the only one we can control is “ourselves.” It sounds so cliché but it isn’t. I have mentally known this in my head for a long time and only in the last year and a half or so I added that knowledge to my heart and I finally get it. None of it easy. That knowledge never removes the realities. We just learn to deal with it in the right way. Thank the Lord that there are some good times in the midst of the sorrows and heartaches. That and knowing what we know is enough to get us through. It is never easy. I think a mothers love is so profound that sometimes we have to be set straight because we just want to keep mamma-ing. My grown children are in their forties. So all of this may be unique to me (but I doubt it) and they have set me straight. A time or six.
    I have taken it personal even knowing that they are right, but everyday I work on it. So all of us mama’s in the end all need to pray for one another and just keep lifting our loved one’s before the Throne. And I hope today and everyday gets better.

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