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I’m proud of my hubby in lots of ways, but firstly I’m proud that he has gotten down to his lowest weight in years. He told me a few nights ago that he had gotten down as low as 203 in the past few weeks.

What is the change? What has made the difference? Okay, for one thing, neither of us usually have bread, and, when we do, it is Ezekiel bread. We eat our hamburgers and hotdogs without buns. Chuck has not, however, completely given up potatoes, and under no circumstances would he consider eating any of my no-tato salad. Basically it’s the same as potato salad, but it’s made with cooked cauliflower instead of potatoes.

I took no-tato salad to our end-of-school picnic and also to our church Memorial Day cookout. I don’t know if it was wildly received, but lots of people tried it. I will say that my own son will eat half of a plateful without blinking an eye. Obviously he can’t tell it has cauliflower in it.

Chuck still has fried chicken on a regular basis, either when we’re eating out or from the deli at Moose’s Market. It doesn’t seem to have a negative effect on his blood sugar. Actually, these days, his blood sugar is always in the normal range. That could be due to the fact that bread, potatoes and pop are almost entirely absent from his diet.

Instead of pop he now drinks apple cider vinegar with the mother, mixed with club soda and Strawberry Crush water enhancer. While the Crush water enhancers probably have unapproved sweeteners in them (as far as Trim Healthy Mama is concerned), it still has zero calories and zero carbs, and it’s better than drinking pop.

Our preference is strawberry, but we haven’t been able to find that one in Super Centers, anymore, and I don’t know why. A couple of days ago I found it on Amazon and bought twelve of them. It was only a little higher than what we had paid for them at Super Center, but it’s better than not having them at all. Chuck had started using the single powder tubes, but they foam up badly when you add the club soda. I also prefer the flavor of the liquid. You would think there wouldn’t be a difference, but I think there is.

Chuck has also been taking Triple Zero yogurt to work with a packet of Truvia to eat at break. Instead of eating any kind of chips he now takes Smartfood popcorn. It’s probably not the wisest choice, but just changing a few major things in our diets yields happy and healthful results.

I’ve been able to string together several good days in a row, but I feel that without getting back on the treadmill I’m not making any real headway. I did fall off the wagon yesterday evening at Aldi’s, but, if I had gone in by myself, it wouldn’t have been quite the calamity. When we walked in the door, the chocolate was right there, just a few steps away. Chuck got the dark chocolate hazelnut and I gave in to the white chocolate coconut crunch. Up until that point, my day had been victorious for the most part.

Chuck thought a difference that has led to my weight gain is that I had stopped fixing oatmeal for breakfast. I used to eat it almost every day, but I gave it up for either THM E pancakes or mocha frappes with Ezekiel toast, Happy Farms cheese and Polaner all-fruit. For the last two mornings I had strawberry yogurt oatmeal. It was delicious, of course, and it wasn’t any harder than mixing up a batch of THM pancakes, so I thought I would go back to having baked oatmeal every day. Still, that hasn’t been what the difference has been.

Chuck tells me I still eat healthful foods most of the time, so the main difference has to be the lack of treadmill, and I agree. It doesn’t really matter what kind of diet a person is on, if their level of activity falls short of the calories they’re taking in, the weight-loss program will be an epic fail.

When participants of the My 600-lb. Life go in to see Dr. Nowzaradan after their surgeries, one of the first things he asks them, if they haven’t lost as much weight as they should have, is “What is your level of activity?”

If those people on My 600-lb. Life can get out of their beds and move, so can I. I just have to want it. It’s not any harder for me than it is for them. In fact, even on my worst day, my knees don’t scream at me any more loudly than their whole body screams at them when they walk through their house. Some of them can’t even be on their feet for five minutes.

Chuck played tennis this morning with our pastor and Cameron and one of his friends. He just ate lunch, and soon he will go out to mow our lawn with a push mower. He will have done more before noon than I will probably do all day long.

On the way home from Warrensburg last night, he was talking about how the people are where he works and how they play the “point system” instead of shooting for perfect attendance, as he does, and collecting the free days the company gives them every six months.

“They treat points like vacation days, and they’re not vacation days. I’d rather stay home and get paid for it than stay home and not get paid.”

Chuck is 57 years old now and has shoulder problems. Sometimes if he reaches for something or if he turns the wrong way in bed he’ll cry out in pain. He refuses to get it checked out because, if it required surgery, he would have to miss work. So he puts up with it.

A couple of times a year the place where he works has a bag house change. I can’t explain it because I don’t know what that is, but I do know that it’s a grueling process and you’re spending eight hours reaching and pulling and squatting and bending. Chuck says for a couple of days afterward it feels like he’s run a marathon. His legs are just shot, and, of course, it’s torture for his shoulders, too.

Because Chuck has been there for twenty-five plus years, sometimes he doesn’t have to do it. The company tries to do it during shutdown, which happens for a week the first week in July and a week or two at Christmas. Chuck gets almost five weeks of vacation a year, including his four perfect attendance days, and he tries to save as many vacation days as he can for the weeks the building shuts down.

He said a couple of guys were grumbling about how they didn’t think bag house changes should come down to who has seniority and who doesn’t, but Chuck told me, “I’m not going to feel guilty about it because I know if they were in my shoes they would use their seniority for everything they could use it for.”

I have a hardworking guy. He comes home just shaking his head about his coworker who spends most of the day on his phone. He said he’s the laziest person he has ever known. He does as little as possible, and, from what Chuck has told me, I’m surprised he still has his job. Chuck is one who likes to keep busy. Even on days when he’s not the one running the mill he occupies his time cleaning and doing other things.

I feel horrible knowing that Chuck sometimes has to do a bag house change. Yet, I can picture in my mind his doing it as quickly and as adequately as possible, giving it 100% until it’s done and not complaining at all. That’s just who Chuck is. He likes to get things done, and he doesn’t like complaining about it. Complaining is a deterrent. Complaining doesn’t help you work faster.

I could take a page out of Chuck’s book. I’m not a self-starter. I drag my feet, and sometimes I complain. And sometimes I procrastinate. Sometimes if I can’t figure something out, I get frustrated and I get angry. To my shame, my son takes after me in that department.

Once I was looking for something. I couldn’t find it and got frustrated. I blamed Chuck for putting it in the wrong place, and I was angrily opening and closing cabinet doors. I wasn’t closing them gently, either. “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” I was doing my best that day to live that one out. Again, to my shame. I slammed one of the cabinet doors and the latch sprung. After that day, try as I might, I could not get the cabinet door to close all the way because I had broken the latch. I would push it closed and it would spring back open.

It was a daily reminder of my ill temper. A daily reminder of my nasty sin nature. Every time I made a pot of coffee, I was reminded of my wretched state, of an area of my life that desperately needs forgiveness and correction.

One day, a few weeks ago, I closed the cabinet door and it latched! And why, how? It hadn’t been repaired. The latch hadn’t been replaced. There was no explanation. Now it is a daily reminder of God’s grace, and how he can fix all our ugly problems. He can heal our frustrations and our anger problems. Much of the stuff that frustrates us is trivial stuff. If I think not being able to figure out how to print off a file is a big problem, then I don’t have a clue what a big problem is.

Thanks for listening to my rambling. I’m just proud of my Chuck, and I’m thankful he’s gone along on this “Trim Healthy Mama” ride and doesn’t complain if I fix burgers without buns or potato salad without potatoes. He does insist that the word “tato” doesn’t belong in the title at all. I declare that it does since it’s “no-tato” salad. Without the word “no,” I can see how it would be openly deceptive. Granted, if you say it fast enough, it may sound like potato salad, but I’m not telling my son. He is eating it and it’s good for him and I’m not telling him. I’m just happy that Chuck is doing the small things, and he’s better for it. He has lost weight and his lab numbers are good. I am thankful, thankful.

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  1. Drinda. Please get yourself back. If you got tired of what you were eating read the book again and the new cookbook. We all miss you.

    1. Thank you! Cookbooks: that’s another thing. I didn’t mind reading the book, but I dislike nothing more than looking through cookbooks. To me it’s boring. I want fast and easy and as few ingredients as possible. I kind of wish I were Betty Crocker, but I’m not. lol I read the old book, and I’m about halfway through the new book. You are absolutely right. I need to read the whole new book and get my mojo back! I even thought about reading my blog through from the beginning and try to recapture some of my enthusiasm and pep! I’m not giving up; don’t worry.

      1. You inspire me! I have followed THM for about 2 years now. When I first started I lost over 30lbs. When I stalled, I quit :(. Never “gave up” on the food. In the last 2 years I have gained & lost about 3 times. I have let sweets defeat me & my portion control destroy me. Being raised with the mindset of “eat everything on your plate” is a killer. My children have started working out at school for upcoming sports, so I have started walking for an hour while they are there. And you’re right, I do feel better during the day. You’ve crossed my mind many times, as we started this journey about the same time & I enjoyed reading your posts, praying for your daughter (she was in the hospital when we started, I hope she’s doing well now) & seeing your progress. Let’s do this & get our life & energy back!!

        1. Thank you, Rene! I loved that you took the time to leave me a note and I appreciate the prayers for my daughter! Today has been a good day, but could have used early morning treadmill to round it out! lol

  2. Dirinda, I have never been consistent with exercise. And I have a treadmill too, but really don’t like using it. However, I have found an exercise program on Facebook called Grow Young Fitness which is geared for seniors. You may not be a senior, but you do it in your own home from a chair. It is real exercise, and sometimes I feel the results of it, but the main thing is, I’m consistent about doing them, and I know they have helped me tremendously. Chuck can do them with you. My husband does it with me, and we both keep each other motivated. And not only that, the guy who does it is certified and knows what he is doing, the exercises are always different and not boring, and he has cardio sessions and yoga available too. Plus he is so positive and happy, they are fun to do! Check it out.

    1. Thank you for the recommendation! I will check into it! And it may be good for my daughter, too, since she is in a wheelchair!

  3. Missed reading your blog……so glad you’re back! Love the way you share not only about yourself, but about your hubby and two wonderful children also …. heck, you feel like family! ?

  4. You and your Chuck are so much like us (hubby Keith) it just about makes me think God did make some people alike! You describe us to perfection or actually un-perfection.

    I do not cheat, unless someone may be far enough away to not catch me. I actually do not really cheat, I simply do not completely understand the program and yet when someone puts a picture on, to see how they’ve done, I seem to recognize immediately if it is legal or not right. My blood work is so good at this point, the Doctors and I are not as concerned as before.

    I am so tired, dragging myself around anymore. I have a wedding to go to in 2 months and I need to loose 10 lbs. to get to where I was 3 years ago. Then I have 3 x 10 to get to be where I would be even healthier and happier.

    Treadmill, here I come tomorrow! 3 Grandchildren here to keep me honest, as they know I have promised to never lie to them and expect the same from them! I will report in to you again, as to how I am doing. You are helping us all, let us give you the same incouragement. I know you are a special lady—-just like me!

  5. I’m glad to hear from you, too. As bad as you think you’re doing, at least you’re DOING. I look up to you and appreciate your being human and admitting it.

  6. Dorinda I read your post about a year ago or so. I said I could do this because you motivated me. My son saw your post and my response and he came on here and said “you can do this mom” well I have let you all down , tried it here and there but didn’t do things faithfully, now I am struggling with my health because of my laziness to follow healthy eating plan. I am going to give this another shot I need to see what every one is having to eat with out a lot of special Inge.

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