I Know a Heartache When I See One

Lately I’ve been listening to songs with new ears, and it occurs to me how many of them can be assigned to emotions about food. Seriously, I’ve heard at least a few whose subject could be my ugly, yet powerful nemesis: sugar. I am going to try to bring these songs to my feeble mind when I am bombarded by relentless temptations in weak moments.

Here is my first one. Maybe it will help you, too, if you’re familiar with Jennifer Warner’s crossover hit from the seventies.

“I Know a Heartache When I See One”

Look at who the wind’s blowin’ up the road,
Shining like a northern star,
Actin’ like the answer to all my prayers,
But, baby, I know what you really are.

So don’t you knock on my door:
I won’t be home anymore.
You can find me out walking in the sun.
Oh, you hide it so well
It isn’t easy to tell,
But I know a heartache (heart attack, diabetic foot amputation)
When I see one.

7 thoughts on “I Know a Heartache When I See One”

    1. I’m doing fine, thank you! I fought the sugar demons for a while, but I’m back on track–and back on the treadmill, too! Chelsea is doing pretty well. Her surgery has been rescheduled for March 27, and she cannot wait!

      1. Good to hear…
        sometimes it’s hard to motivate yourself.
        I got stuck in a rut… gained a few…
        Now trying to change things up a bit so I can loose again:(

    2. I’m hanging on. Most of the time I’m on track, but the treadmill has mostly gone by the wayside. I have to pick that back up again. Chelsea’s doing pretty well, considering, that she has no catheter placed and doesn’t get her surgery until March 27. Anyone else would be a cranky, irritable grouch, but not her. She always has a cheery, positive outlook.

  1. Hi Dirinda,
    That’s good. That you are back on track. I know that you are only human but wow you are an edifier . I always enjoy reading your dishes and more than that, am inspired by your writings.

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