It Fits!

I have TWO non-scale victories to report! Recently, because of this current Missouri cold snap, I happened to think of my daughter’s 1X reversible leather coat that was in our basement, and I wondered how close I could come to getting it zipped. Well, just now I decided to track it down.

Okay, the FIRST NSV is that, for the first time in a long time, I walked down the stairs FRONTWAYS, not backwards or sideways!! Yay!!! I can’t even believe it!! My knee is just so much better since I’ve lost all those pounds!

Secondly, TADA!!!! It’s a snug fit, but I got that puppy zipped! Furthermore, I’ve discovered that I can sit down comfortably in it, and the arms aren’t tight at ALL–AND I’m wearing a bulky sweatshirt underneath of it!!!! My daughter was kind enough to take my picture to capture the ecstasy of the moment!

I’m experiencing excitement beyond my wildest dreams–in fact, wait, am I dreaming?

You know, I have a leather coat hanging in the coat closet in the foyer, and–does anyone want to guess what size it is?–it’s a 4X!! I quit wearing it a couple of years ago because it’s a long coat that hits mid-thigh, and it’s about twenty pounds worth of leather! At least that’s what it felt like. I figured I was carrying around enough weight of my own without adding twenty pounds of cowhide to go along with it!

I’m still in shock almost. I can’t believe have on this X-LG coat!

When I first tried it on, I was so shocked and amazed that I thought I had just forgotten what size it was. “Surely this is a 2X and not a 1X,” I thought. The coat is reversible, so, of course, there’s no tag in the neck that I could check, but, when I was getting ready to walk out the front door for my afternoon route I stuck my hand in one of the pockets to see if there were any gloves in there and found the TAG; it was stitched into the pocket!! I pulled it out, and, yep, sure enough, it’s an extra large (X LG, not 2X)!  Happy dance all around!


Birthday Party in the House!

Birthday party at Dirinda’s house tonight! My baby turns twenty-seven! How in the world did THAT happen?!! That’s the age I’M supposed to be!

The temptation to have at least one cupcake may be too strong for me to bear later so I’m heading it off at the pass and having this chocolate peanut butter 004cheesecake shake for my afternoon snack! I also plan to make a chocolate MIM (muffin in a mug, page 256) for me while the rest of the family indulges.

Also, I’m fixing taco salad, my son’s favorite meal. I’m having mine on mini-bell peppers instead of nachos!

The basic pin for the shake is in the comments and how I tweaked it to make it the cheesecake variety. Then, of course, I had to top it off with a dollop of FF Redi Whip and four Lily’s chocolate chips and salted peanuts. Remember what I said: presentation is key! LOL It looks good enough to eat, doesn’t it? It WAS!!!

By the way, this is an S, and, since it’s an S, you can put in flax meal to your heart’s delight and be pretty heavy-handed with the peanut butter, as well. I usually put in at least a tablespoon of PB and sometimes a little more than that. The flax I don’t normally measure; I just sprinkle it in.

005008021 010014

Wacky Wednesday Fun Fact!

Wacky Wednesday Fun Fact (NSV): When I was standing at the microwave last night, waiting for my chocolate MIM, I had a minute on my hands to play with so I decided to try something new. Guess what I can do now? Yep, that is my right foot crossed over and placed on the other side of my left foot in a standing position. Exactly what I’ve always been wanting to be able to do (one of my highest goals in life)! Okay, just kidding. It was fun and interesting, though. Now I’m looking forward to the day when I can become a contortionist (you know, one of those ladies who can sit on the floor and put both feet behind her head?) Just kidding, again, but, if one day I discover, by some remote chance, that I CAN do that, expect a picture.  😉


Somebody Has to Be the Adult

When I was little, my mom had me doing dishes from the time I was in third grade (if not before, and I think it was before). She used to say she hated doing dishes with a purple passion. I guess she figured, now that she had a daughter who was old enough to stand at the sink, she didn’t have to do dishes, anymore. I had to do them correctly, too. If my water wasn’t hot enough or if I got too much soap in my rinse water or if she found a dirty dish, she would make me do them all over again. Once she even pulled out a drawer of silverware onto the floor and I had to do all those, also.

In my young mind I alternated between thinking, “When I grow up I’ll never make MY daughter do dishes!” and “When I grow up I’m never doing dishes again!”

Sadly, thoughts like that don’t really work in the real world.

Do you remember when you were a child and you wanted a piece of cake or pie or some ice cream or maybe a second popsicle before dinner? Probably your mom (or dad) would say, “Not before dinner” or “You’ll spoil your supper” or some variation of this. Right? Now, was it because your mom (or dad) hated you and wanted to suck every ounce of joy and happiness out of your childhood? No, of course not! They wanted to keep you from filling up your tummy with garbage so that you would have room for the more nutritious food that was soon to come!

They didn’t let you have a cupcake before dinner because they LOVED you. Yes, cupcakes taste wonderful, but are they? Really? No, they are not. They fuel a sugar and flour addiction that most of us have. Actually, that’s kind of how we ended up in the state we’re in (and I’m not talking about Missouri. wink emoticon My grandpa used to say, “I ate so much I’m in Missouri” [misery], get it?).

In our young minds we may have thought, “When I grow up, if I want to eat a whole family-size bag of M&Ms, I’m going to” or “If I want a second or third brownie I’m going to have it!”

It’s time to stop that kind of thinking, and, yes, even if we’re adults, sometimes we still think like children!

Somebody has to be the adult. Tag. We’re it.

My parents are both in heaven now. They’re not here to love me. They’re not here to pray that I make good choices with my life. Now it’s ME who has to be the responsible one (or at least I’m supposed to be, right?).

It became MY turn to tell my children that they couldn’t eat cake and ice cream before dinner, but as far as restricting cupcakes or brownies to just one (whether it was my kids or me) I’m ashamed to say I’ve been a bit lax. Okay, let’s tell it like it is: I’ve been NEGLIGENT.

Somebody has to be the adult, but that doesn’t mean we have to be militant about it. On our THM journeys, what are we saying to ourselves?

Do we bark to ourselves “No, you can’t have that!” or do we lovingly remind ourselves “No, sweetie, that’s not the best choice. You’ve worked so hard, and I don’t want you to undo all the hard work you’ve already done. Why don’t you fix THIS instead? It’s still yummy and a much healthier choice.”

That was a little over-the-top, I know, but my point is this: I’m a rebel at heart. The Bible says we all are. We need to bring our minds and bodies into submission, and the way to do that is not to be a harsh, militant voice that we play in our heads.

When I’m walking down the cookie aisle in Piggly Wiggly if my adult voice screams, “No, you can’t have that!”, my inner child says, “I’ll show you! I want it, and I’m an adult now so I’m buying it! So nyah!”

Be the kind, loving adult who is in charge of taking care of you. It’s easier to respond to that kind mental tape player with sensible submission. If you talk to yourself harshly it’s easier to play the rebel. (Remember that it’s the GOODNESS of God that leads us to repentance. Romans 2:4).

I hope you don’t think now that I’m some kind of schizophrenic, talking about all these voices! I hope you know what I’m talking about. I hope it all makes sense, and I hope it helps you. I hope it helps ME, too. wink emoticon

Here’s to finishing our week on plan! Drink up, ladies! Good Girl Moonshine all around! Or Shrinkers! Or water! Hydrate!


More Than a Woman

NSV and THM funny of the day: I had a date night tonight with my sweet Chuckers. On the way home from dinner, the Bee Gees’ song, “More Than a Woman” appeared on the screen of our Sirius radio.

Motioning toward the radio, Chuck said, “Hey, look, Dirinda! That used to be you!” Oh, that’s hysterical! He’s a funny, funny boy. I get it. I used to be a woman and MORE, a woman PLUS some.

The NSV comes in where he says “USED to be.” Now, I know I’m still nowhere near my goal weight, but, wow, I realized what a compliment it was that now he thinks of me as a normal-size woman. Hey, you know, every little compliment . . . is still a compliment. Just lovin’ the skin I’m in and enjoying the journey (and where there USED to be fat there WILL be skin! Haha!)

*I deleted my first post so I could add the photo. Here I was in my MORE than a woman state (left) and my current woman state (right), a little LESS of a woman. Haha!

I can’t stress enough how very important it is to compare your old photos with your new. That’s motivation, ladies. We can do this! Correction: we ARE doing this!


Enjoy the journey

Be Content with the “You” You Are Today

NSV: Last night my sweet hubby was telling me this guy at work told him, “I have to hand it to you, Chuck. I am impressed with your weight loss. That is quite an accomplishment.”

My husband responded, “Yes, but you should see my wife. I mean, I’ve lost some, but my wife has lost 85 pounds!”

When he told me about his conversation with his coworker, I was dubious, to say the least.

“I’ve lost SIXTY pounds,” I reminded him.

“No, I’ve seen some of your old photos, and I know for sure you weighed at least twenty-five pounds more than your ‘beginning’ Trim Healthy Mama weight.”

My wonderful husband sure knows how to speak healing words to my heart at the exact time I need to hear them! See? I’ve journeyed farther than I think I have!

When you feel yourself getting a little discouraged with your seeming lack of progress, take a step back and see how far you’ve come.

If you’re not a self-encourager, hold those comments that have come from others close to your heart (like my husband’s last night or my son’s the other day when he commented on my new hair photo and said, “You look good Mom! You can already tell a big difference in your weight loss!” or from the dear, sweet ladies in this group!) When you lack motivation, borrow OTHERS’ motivation.

You are worth this fight! Don’t let Satan tell you otherwise!

*Get an old photo of yourself and compare it with a new.

*Think of someplace new you can reach on your body that you couldn’t before because of your fat arms, fat back or fat tummy. (I can scratch farther down on my back now! It’s easier to put on my socks and trim my toenails, and I can do a better job of shaving my legs, too.)

*Think of how much easier it is to move around (even just getting up out of your chair!) than it was before you lost your last ten, twenty, thirty, forty or fifty pounds.

*Try on old clothes! Try on NEW clothes! wink emoticon

Don’t look wistfully into the future, wishing you were there already. Rejoice in the NOW! Live your life in the day that God has given you! Do things that will make you feel special and pretty today!

*Take a hot shower.

*Use some moisturizer. Put on some makeup.

*Polish your nails. If you’re not into nail polish, give your nails a trim. Put on some scented hand lotion or some cologne. Why save it for a special occasion when you can enjoy it today?

*Make a list of things about Trim Healthy Mama and your life for which to be thankful TODAY. Don’t waste today wishing it were tomorrow. Enjoy the journey.

You have plenty to be happy about today. Rejoice in the fact that this plan is making for a healthier you. It’s not all about the scale. In fact, when you get right down to it, it’s NOTHING about the scale. We MAKE it about the scale when it doesn’t have to be. Society makes it all about the scale.

Today’s thought: Be content with the “you” you are today. Tomorrow you can be content with the “you”you are tomorrow.

Philippians 4:11: Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.

ThenNow (Loss of 60+ Pounds)

THM Is a Journey to Be Healthy

It took me fifty-five years to get up to 313 pounds. Actually, that’s only partially true because I’m fairly certain there was a point in my life (according to old photos of me) when I weighed even more than that!

As I was taking a shower last week, I started thinking about my THM journey and all of you sweet ladies in this group. I thought about how every time I step on the scale and haven’t lost anything my heart drops just a little.

I know it’s the same for many of you. We tend to get impatient, frustrated and discouraged. Some of us even gripe and cry a little about it.

Think about your age and your weight. How many of you cried and complained when you hadn’t GAINED any weight month after month after month in your lifetime? I know I didn’t (not that I even stepped onto the scale much in those days! New thought: if we so desperately avoided the scale back then, why can’t we avoid it now?!! You KNOW it’s only making you crazy!).

Can you imagine this picture? I step on the scale at the doctor’s office and the nurse records my weight, the same weight at the time of my last visit. “Okay, that’s 321 pounds.”

Did I stomp my foot and say, “I don’t understand it! I’ve been eating a candy bar almost every single day and drinking at least a couple of cans of pop, too! How can it be that I’ve not gained a single pound?!!”

Nope, I did not complain nor was I even surprised when I weighed the same or very close to the same on every visit.

What I’m getting at is this: it took us a LONG time to get our bodies into this condition. Is it really any surprise that it takes a long time to get out of the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into?

Remember, losing weight slowly is BETTER for your body. We’re in this for the long haul.  It’s not a race to be skinny. It’s a journey to be HEALTHY. As we get healthier and healthier, the weight will drop off. No need to fret and worry and stress about it. It will happen. Just as surely as our weight climbed slowly, but steadily over the course of our lifetime, it will fall off, too. Wait and see. WAIT. And see.

The Necklace

How many of you remember that red-letter day back in September when I could finally clasp my mother’s necklace around my fat neck and still breathe? I remember it well. It was September 18, my birthday, and I had been on plan for roughly two months. I could even fit a finger between the chain and my neck! I was ecstatic.

Fast forward to today. I am wearing that same necklace. I happened to think to compare pictures and I could not believe my eyes in the differences I saw! Now I can fit four fingers between the chain of the necklace and my neck! I am in awe of what God and THM have done for me!

THM, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! 1). Thinner face 2). Thinner neck (I’m enjoying longer chains on my necklaces now! The other day in the car, while riding with my husband, I was feeling and admiring my collar bone. How silly and GREAT is that??) 3). Better skin tone.

I was feeling on top of the world back in September. I had already lost maybe twenty-five pounds and could already see a marked difference in the way my clothes fit and feel a difference in how I moved. Looking back from where I am now, I’m thinking my skin looked a little pasty back in September, and I KNOW I haven’t gotten a tan in this frigid February weather! LOL THM has given me more color! I feel healthier in every respect of the word.

Now, five months later, here I am at a sixty-pound loss, and THM just keeps getting better and better all the time! I can do more things without getting winded and without suffering back pain or knee pain! My husband asks me now why I walk so fast everywhere I go! Because I CAN! Boo-yah!

Take those photos, ladies. Get out your favorite top (or watch or necklace) and snap a photo. In a few months, take another picture and then compare. The scale will LIE to you time and time again, but the photos don’t lie. As time goes by, not only will you look better, but you will feel better, too. A picture is worth a thousand words! Or a thousand numbers, as the case may be!The Necklace

“Pretty” It Up!

In real estate, it’s location, location, location! Everyone knows that, right?

In the food world, not only is it about taste, but it’s about presentation, presentation, presentation!

“Pretty up” what you’re eating and drinking! Make it as appealing to the eye as you can! Not only will it help you feel less deprived, it will also make your family want to heap some of that good stuff onto their plates as well!

My new bargain buy at Sam’s Club on Friday makes me look forward to my Shrinker even more now. The brightly colored Mason jar mugs are just so stinkin’ cute! And I got six of them for only $16.95! They hold 24 ounces of beverage–a nice size!

And look how I prettied up my afternoon snack! For extra decadence I added a little cream cheese and cottage cheese to my S chocolate peanut butter shake this afternoon! Then I topped it off with four salted peanuts and four Lily’s dark chocolate chips. Chocolate peanut butter cheesecake, anyone? 005002

Car Trouble and Casey’s Donuts

NSV: This morning, while waiting for the motor club to get someone to change my flat tire, I found myself trapped in my car for over an hour with a box of glazed Casey’s donuts my son had bought for my daughter. I was over an hour away from my precious baked oatmeal–which really meant I was TWO hours away, since I would have to make it and bake it when I got home.

This was NOT going to be easy.

“Go ahead, have a donut,” an evil voice in my head said. “Desperate times call for desperate measures. One won’t hurt you. It’s BREAKFAST TIME!! Don’t you eat on a schedule? Besides, you can start over in three hours, remember?”

“Easy for YOU to say,” I argued with the voice. “I think we both know that one donut may very well lead to two and maybe even three donuts. Do we really want to weigh three hundred pounds?”

The saner voice won, but that didn’t solve my dilemma of having breakfast at a halfway acceptable hour.

I got home and whisked up all my ingredients in a bowl and baked it in the microwave! First I put it in for three minutes. Then I took it out and looked at it and put it in for another minute. If I ever get in a pinch again, I’ll definitely have a microwave-baked oatmeal! Next time I’ll cook it for at least five minutes. It was mushier, but it hit the spot on this cold, cold snow-covered morning. It was actually quite delicious! It wasn’t quite as pretty as my other ones, but it tasted perfect. And I didn’t ruin my day with a poison donut!