Shrinkin’ Thinkin’!

NSV: When the scale hasn’t moved for three weeks or a month, to speak of, other than to lose and gain that same one or two pounds over and over again, you start feeling a tad discouraged. Out of habit you start the treadmill, as you’re waiting for your oatmeal to bake or whatever, but your body complains, “What’s the stinkin’ point? It’s not working, anyway. I’m tired of this! I do NOT want to exercise this morning.” But you do your treadmill time, anyway, and you feel SO much better after you do. Then you go to church and your pastor’s wife says, “You look great! You look thinner and thinner every time I see you!” <–This was the kind of week (and morning) I had.

The scale may not be moving, ladies, but the inches are still coming off! You are still radiating that healthy glow from making good food choices and not filling up your body with poison and junk.

Keep going! People are noticing! Even when they don’t say anything, there is no denying that you are on track to gain control of your health. You WILL reap the benefits of that–even when the scale lies to you, day after day after day.

Get rid of your “stinkin’ thinkin'” and put on your “SHRINKIN’ thinkin”! Don’t let Satan or your flesh deter you from honoring God with your body.

I love you guys! Let’s have a great week!

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig

Chelsers and I just finished her second Christmas puzzle last night, the Games We Played. It was fun, and REALLY came together last night. What shall we do next?

She’s glad to be home, but she still has pain from a gas bubble that has lodged against her rib cage and is fighting for space. The rib says, “This is MY spot,” but the gas bubble refuses to relinquish custody. Dr. Logan forgot to sign the prescription for the pain pills, and there are times when the pain brings Chelsea to tears, particularly when she has to roll over to her left side so that I (or the home health nurse) can change the dressing on her wound or when she transfers from her hospital bed to her wheelchair.

She sees Dr. Pulliam on Tuesday so hopefully he’ll write her a script. She’ll take in the unsigned one to show to him.

The feeding tube has proven to be very useful. She can use it to take her vitamins and medication and also her nutrients, like the whey protein isolate. If we get it thin enough she may be able to have Greek yogurt through the tube, too. The better option may be to get a powder probiotic if I can find out where to buy one.

The pain she is experiencing right now will likely recede as time goes by. It hasn’t been that long since her surgery, so probably that is why it’s so distressing for her right now. Part of it may also be the location of the tube. As I mentioned in a previous post, Chelsea’s stomach is very high and behind her rib cage. (That is probably why the first two surgeons said the PEG-tube surgery could not be done due to “anatomical limitations.”) So, imagine if you will, having a tube lodged between your ribs. It doesn’t sound comfortable, does it?

She plans to hang onto the feeding tube as long as she can, as long as it’s not detrimental to her health to have it. She has some drainage right now, but the home health nurse says, “Well, yes, it’s a WOUND. It’s completely normal. Eventually that will stop.” We hope. Of course, most feeding tubes are not up by the rib cage.

In other news, my new Trim Healthy Mama breakfast sandwiches are a hit with the family, as is the new “Veggetti” made with zucchini instead of spaghetti.

I’ve hit a slight stall, but that could be because I’m now building muscle by doing weight-loss workouts on the treadmill, in addition to my regular treadmill time. I lost fifty-three pounds, then fifty-four, then fifty-five; then I was back up to fifty-three and now I’m back to a total of fifty-four pounds lost. I’m so ready to hit the sixty-pound mark!

Today, instead of my usual baked oatmeal I had a fat-stripping frappa (a fuel pull). For lunch, I may have a THM orange julius or my baked oatmeal, or maybe I’ll save the oatmeal for my afternoon snack. I need to do more fuel pulls maybe. Dinner will be leftover Veggetti with THM Red Lobster biscuits (if I get to the store to buy parmesan cheese). I was all set to make them last night, but I was one ingredient short.

Cheap Whey Protein Isolate

I got my three tubs of Piping Rock whey protein isolate today. I haven’t tried it, yet, but here’s the scoop on the scoop. LOL

As some of you have noticed, Piping Rock says that five level scoops is one serving. You may think that’s a lot, BUT the scoops are much smaller than the one in the Swanson’s tub.

Also the Piping Rock tubs are smaller, BUT, as some of you may have noticed, Swanson’s uses a bigger tub than necessary to hold the volume of the product they ship. The Piping Rock tubs are nearly all the way full.

The scoop on the left is Swanson’s scoop, and the scoop on the right came in the tub of Piping Rock. (It’s like a huge doonk! 😉 )I have measured out five level scoops of the Piping Rock and put them into a Swanson’s scoop. It looks a little like an ice cream scoop heaping up on top, but that is what five scoops of Piping Rock looks like in a Swanson’s scoop for those who are apprehensive about ordering it.

I bought three tubs for $10.99 each (I think that was the price) and got FREE  shipping. Just type “Cheap whey protein powder isolate” in your browser and see what pops up. Hopefully you’ll find the same sale I did.

I’ll keep you posted on the taste.

*Post edit:  It is WONDERFULLY creamy and smooth.  It is unflavored, but I always put my own flavorings in it, anyway (cocoa, vanilla extract, caramel extract, coconut extract, orange or peppermint…well, you know, a whole FAMILY of extracts), so the unflavored aspect of it doesn’t cause an issue for me.


Kickapoo Joy Juice

As I was making my Shrinker today, for some reason I was thinking about Kickapoo Joy Juice. Who remembers that–and what WAS it? I started thinking that the Shrinker is my Kickapoo Joy Juice. The cayenne pepper gives it KICK, all right! And shrinking certainly brings me JOY!

Then I started kicking around rhyming words in my head (because I’m weird sometimes and that’s what I do). Remember “Quit your stinkin’ thinkin'”? From here on out, I will call wanting to throw in the towel or giving up or giving in “stinkin’ thinkin’.” Who is ready to join me for some “SHRINKIN’ thinkin'”? Yay! Here’s to the next pound lost! Cheers!


NO to the Rolls! YES!

NSV: This is actually a couple of non-scale victories, but here goes. Chuck and I went to Golden Corral for dinner last night, after visiting Chelsea in the hospital and after loading up on THM supplies at Costco. I had a small steak, a chunk of roast beef, some cauliflower with cheese sauce (probably the cheese sauce was off-plan), part of a piece of baked fish, and a salad with ranch dressing. I did not have bread of ANY kind. I did not have mashed potatoes and gravy. I did not have macaroni and cheese. My favorite three things to eat there used to be the rolls, the mashed potatoes and gravy and the mac and cheese. That was the FIRST NSV. The second one was this: for a limited time, at Golden Corral you may take SIX yeast rolls home with you with the purchase of two adult buffets. At first I thought, “Free rolls!! We can take them home for Cameron.” Then I thought, “If I do that, probably I will end up eating one of them later or tomorrow before he comes over to get them–when I am hungry and weak.” So, guess what. Free rolls and we did not claim them

And now for the SCALE victory! I am down another pound this morning. All together that’s fifty-five pounds gone.

I got my twenty minutes on the treadmill done, and my oatmeal just came out of the oven. That means, for today, I’m already 100% on plan for 25% of my day! My goal for today is to work on my water consumption. Bring on the new week!

Getting THM “Supplies” at Costco

My sweet hubby took me to Costco to get supplies this afternoon. Do you know what I realized yesterday? When I talk about going to Piggly Wiggly, I say I’m going to buy food or groceries. When I go to Costco, I’m getting THM “supplies.” LOL Isn’t that weird? Maybe it’s because when I first started with Trim Healthy Mama, Chuckers said, “I can’t believe you just spent a hundred and twenty-eight dollars and we didn’t get anything to EAT!!”

Today was more of the same: another huge box of Quaker rolled oats, Fage Greek yogurt, a bottle of Kirkland pure vanilla extract (*post edit:  not recommended; the Kirkland brand has sugar in it), a four-pack of buttah, a four-pack of Laughing Cow cheese, a huge bag of wild blueberries, a big sack of golden flax meal, and some Canadian bacon for my new breakfast sandwich maker. I did put back the four-pound bag of quinoa, though, since it was seventeen dollars. We have a small amount left, anyway. I’ll just get it next time. You know, quinoa is growing on me. I especially love it in my chicken veggie soup. (The pin is in the comments.)

The one thing I was hoping to find was precooked sausage patties for my breakfast sandwiches. What I did find was the Morning Star veggie sausage patties. No, thank you! I’m pretty sure I had a sample of that one Saturday when I was shopping there. I almost had to find a place to spit it out. I don’t even know how to describe it. It felt like sawdust on my tongue almost. Dry and nasty stuff.

I was pleased to find out this morning that the bread in a mug can be easily cooked in the breakfast sandwich maker. I poured half the batter in the bottom compartment. Then I topped it with cheese and ham. Then I put the egg plate down and poured in the egg I had pre-whisked and salted and peppered. Lastly I scraped the rest of my BIM batter on top of my raw egg. I was concerned because, since the egg was uncooked, I couldn’t really spread the batter across it. I was absolutely DELIGHTED when I found, after five minutes, that the batter had spread across the top of the egg and had browned perfectly. NOTE: The egg wasn’t cooked as well as I had hoped. Chuck didn’t complain and he ate the whole thing, but I saw little puddles of white on his plate as he was eating and I KNOW it wasn’t mayo, so it had to be egg whites. Granted, they were white and not clear, so they WERE cooked a little, but egg whites oughtn’t be in puddles.

I may try my sandwich maker again after church tomorrow. This time I will add at least one more minute to my cooking time.

NSV: The last two days I have sped my treadmill up to 2.7 m.p.h. Also I have now done two ten-minute weight-loss workouts on top of my regular twenty-minute treadmill sessions. If I keep at it, maybe I can walk to Walmart with Chelsea someday! And Cameron is already making plans to take me to Worlds of Fun–now that I’m getting thinner and am healthy enough to walk for longer periods of time without feeling that I need to stop and breathe for a while.


Trim Healthy Breakfast for Lunch

Here’s my trim healthy b̶r̶e̶a̶k̶f̶a̶s̶t̶ lunch on my new griddle my sweet daughter, Chelsea, gave me for Christmas! I can post the recipe for the pancakes in the comments, but I’m still tweaking. They’re a little eggy for my liking. This is an S meal. I have yet to try the E pancakes from the book. Call me old fashioned, but I like my pancakes with lots of buttah. How do you think these pancakes would be with Greek yogurt in place of the cottage cheese?






Steppin’ and Countin’!

This morning I thought to count the number of steps I take on the treadmill per minute when I’m walking 2.6 miles per hour. I counted one hundred and twelve steps per minute. A shorter person would have to take even more steps than that. Multiplied out, that would be 2,240 steps per twenty minutes!

That’s pretty exciting news to someone who has lived a sedentary lifestyle most of her life! What if I were to add five minutes two or three more times a day? Five minutes is nothing, right? Now when I walk through Walmart, I make sure to walk briskly. I walk with a purpose! If I’m going to Walmart for vanilla extract, why would I meander down the cookie aisle or candy aisle? Why look left or look right? If I know where I’m going, I WALK like I know where I’m going. WORK IT, BABY! lol

The more you move, the more you rev your metabolism.Move, mamas! If you feel that you have no strength, just start with five minutes. If you have no treadmill, walk around your house. Walk to your mailbox two or three times. Go to Walmart and walk the inside perimeter of the store. Let’s work those muscles and burn that fuel! Exercise is nature’s FUEL PULL!

It’s Wednesday! We’re halfway to the weekend. Let’s finish up the week with gusto! I’m pulling for you!


THM Pointer of the Day


THM pointer of the day: No matter how energetic, playful and–dare I say it?–sexy you may feel with any new weight loss accomplishment, do NOT try showing off to your husband by dancing to your favorite commercial with a full bowl of chili in your hand. Your energy and enthusiasm will NOT make up for any lack of coordination you may possess. Thankfully there will be no photo to accompany this post.

Get Your Orange Julius Right Here! Trim Healthy Mama Style!

I bought me some dry, bland, basically “lifeless” oranges at Piggly Wiggly a couple of days ago, not knowing, of course, just how nasty they would be. I tried eating one the night we bought them, and it occurred to me that we shouldn’t eat things we don’t like just so we don’t have to throw them away. I mean, why waste the calories, right? So today I had my sister pick me up some Watkins orange extract at the Super Center, and wala! Orange Julius THM style! Recipe: one dry, bland, lifeless orange (or whatever you have on hand, but make sure it’s seedless–and PEELED), one-third cup unsweetened almond milk, one-third cup water, 1/2 teaspoon orange extract, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 scoop whey protein powder (I use vanilla flavored), five packets of Stevia (or to taste; believe me, I needed five for my nasty orange), and 10-12 ice cubes. Throw it all in your NutriBullet and tada! Add a tiny dollop of fat-free Redi Whip, and there you have it! The perfect E snack that will kick your ice cream craving to the curb! Don’t worry. I’ll make a pin.