Happy New Year’s Eve!

Tomorrow is the first of the new year, and we’re taking our girl back to the hospital. Chuck and Chelsea both caught what I caught before school let out for vacation.

She’s been running hot and cold all day, sweats and then chills. She had a temperature of 100.9 earlier, and that’s pretty high for her.

Despite our best efforts she may have an infection in the wound again. The home health nurse says it still looks good, but there’s a slight odor to it now. I noticed it, too, before she did. Of course, she only comes in once a week, and I see the wound twice a day.

We’ve been on the phone with medical supply companies, making arrangements for the mattress delivery. I’m trying to track down those Derma Care bed pads by MIP. They are exceptional. Chelsea only has the one that the hospital gave her. I tried ordering more, but the ones I ended up ordering have a vinyl backing and are not breathable nor as absorbent as we had wanted. It was hard to tell by the info and picture online what we were getting.

After researching further last night I think I found the company. They’re a Canadian-based company, and most of the automated answering service was in French. I thought I would have better luck, pressing 238 for Tony’s extension, rather than getting Jacque on the phone, but it appears Tony won’t be in until January 5. I was hoping to be able to order these online, but I don’t see that option.

I’m happy Chelsea talked to Chris, the guy at Cork Medical, at the number Amanda, the wound nurse, gave her. If she had ordered the mattress through Cork Medical it would have cost in excess of five thousand dollars. He gave her a web site where she was able to obtain one for twelve hundred. I’m happy to have that taken care of. Looking at all those mattresses was overwhelming. I had no idea which one to buy or even what to look for. Her wound is a grade four so we needed a mattress that would accommodate that. She got an alternating pressure low-air-loss mattress. It looks to be a good one. We have no idea when it will be delivered, but it should be all set up for her when she gets home from her next hospital stay. She was hoping to hold out until the middle of January so that she’d be home for Chuck’s birthday, but with all that’s going on now (her respiratory issues and possibly a slight wound infection) it may be best to get her back in the hospital where they can prescribe more than just oral antibiotics, which she doesn’t tolerate well.

Someone had told her that her bed was only a lease, so she asked Chris about that. He said that after a year it’s hers. Chelsea said he told her that most people who get hospital beds pass away before the year is up. That was a sobering thought that took me aback.

“Oh, my,” I said.

“Well, yeah, but that’s not ME,” Chelsea said.

I got last-minute errands run today, a trip to Walmart, a trip to the post office to ship an auction item, to someone next in line for it, after the first person didn’t respond to repeated notifications. She finally responded, as we were making shipping arrangements with the second person, that she was sorry and didn’t know how she had missed her messages. She said she would still like to contribute, anyway, and did.

Chuck took the van in for an oil change yesterday and then dropped it off to Steve Lile for other work. Besides needing new tires, mounted and balanced, it needs a new transmission kit for a transmission leak, and new latches for the doors so that we can put the door panels back on. We don’t understand why they had been taken off to begin with, but probably there was a reason.

The van will not be ready by Friday or Saturday if we have to take her back to the hospital, but surely just for that short ride to Blue Springs she’ll be okay to ride in the car. She was delivered home by hospital van.

Anyway, here’s to a Happy and HEALTHY New Year. Enjoy your time with loved ones. Cherish every moment. You don’t know how many more moments you have.


Silver Lining!

I didn’t run a fever yesterday, yet I couldn’t bring myself to eat anything past lunch. I know you’re supposed to feed a cold and starve a fever; however, I also knew eating may have had disastrous consequences.

I woke up this morning and went to the doctor, not eating anything because I had my A1C done–that wasn’t performed last time, not that I felt like eating, anyway.

*Edit: I got in my car this morning and promptly drove to work. Then I thought, “What am I DOING?” So I turned my car around in the parking lot of a neighboring business, and drove past the doctors office AGAIN! That’s how out of it I was!

The doc told me to pick up some Mucinex DM and she gave me a prescription for a Z-Pack just in case. She told me to hang onto that for a couple of days and only pick it up if I got worse. She said a viral infection cannot be treated with antibiotics, and she suspected that’s what I have.

I have not felt like eating anything today, but I had some chicken noodle soup, anyway, at around one o’clock. I know that is not on plan, but I couldn’t stand the thought of eating anything else.

I felt better when my sister and her boyfriend were here than I felt all day yesterday, except I didn’t feel very lucid. I was having a hard time holding my eyes open, no reflection on them. When they left I slept for a few hours in my chair, unaware of too much of anything going on around me

Now my tummy is doing that churning thing again, and my temp is at 101.5. Even after sleeping those few hours in my recliner in the living room, I’ll probably hit the sack early. Since I have a fever now, I feel completely justified in not eating.

There has to be a loophole in THM for sickness. There is no way I can eat every three hours. I could barely eat the one off-plan “meal” that I had.

Here is the weird part: I didn’t even feel like eating my oatmeal and I ALWAYS eat oatmeal for breakfast. I wouldn’t have even had to make any because I made a quadruple batch on Monday, but the last thing in the world I want to do is eat my oatmeal and then get sick on it–not when it has worked so well for me on this plan!

I don’t recommend this to anyone, but when I stepped on the scale at the doctors this morning I was greeted by a new total. Fifty-one pounds is the amount I have lost since mid-July. So much for those pesky couple of pounds I have having trouble with! I would take a picture, but, believe me, you don’t want to see a picture of me right now. LOL Let’s just say it wasn’t quite the day of rejoicing it would have been had I felt better. Still that’s my silver lining on my otherwise crummy day.

Prayers for me as I change Chelsea’s dressing this evening. I don’t want to throw up beforehand, but it made me feel better last night. A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all and to all a GOOD night!

Home for Christmas!

Dear friends, I want to thank each of you personally for this amazing onslaught of prayer! Good news: our daughter is coming home for Christmas! Dr. James came in and said, “We’re sending you home.” Even the kidney doctors said she should be fine. She just needs to stay away from potassium and take it easy on the mashed potatoes, noodles, etc.

We are completely surprised, actually more like blown away. We didn’t know this was even possible after talking with the nephrologist yesterday.

Dr. James, the general doctor involved with her case, told her that after her surgery she would probably be in the hospital for ten days. He asked, “Do you really want to be here for the next six days and then ten more days after your surgery?”

Chelsea said, “No!”

He said, “I didn’t think so.”

Branson is out. They’re getting her set up with home-health and Walgreen’s (for her Central Power Line medicine), and she has to have blood drawn on Friday morning to have reported back to the hospital, BUT she is coming HOME!!!!

First she has to get her blood infusion, and that should take another five or six hours. But she is coming home for Christmas! We will have to take her back to the hospital on Sunday so that she can have her surgery on Monday. We are so happy right now. Cameron will be, too. He’s already asleep from having to work all night, but I can’t wait to tell him when he gets up!

Thanks again, friends, for all the prayers! Praise God for this wonderful answer to prayer! It has made all the difference. When she called to tell us, the difference in her mood was like the difference between night and day. She sounded so pitiful and sad earlier, and now she is perky and jubilant. And I know she will feel even better after she gets blood. Oh, our baby girl is coming home for Christmas! Hallelujah!

Sick, Sick, Sick–and It Stinks!

I hardly ever, ever get sick, and that is a tremendous blessing. Having said that, I feel pretty crummy right now. My head has hurt all day, and I feel like I may throw up. My chest sounds like a creaky floorboard or a squeaky porch swing. On the bright side, I probably only feel bad because I NEVER feel bad and am not used to it. On another positive note, my throat doesn’t hurt like it did on Saturday and Sunday.

I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow because, really, who wants to be sick on Christmas? If I can get some antibiotics prescribed before I succumb to full-blown bronchitis it’s all for the better.

Chuck asked what we’re having for dinner. Um, water? The thought of any kind of food right now makes me nauseous.

Do you know that see-saw feeling you get when you think you may throw up? In your mind you know that if you throw up you’ll probably feel better, but, all the while, you’re praying, sometimes silently, sometimes out loud, “Oh, please don’t let me throw up. Please don’t let me throw up.”

Sick for Christmas

I have tried to stay out of Chelsea’s room all day. The home health nurse was here this morning, so she did her wound. Chuck has brought her food all day and refilled her ice water. Dressing her wound tonight, though, was where he drew the line. He said he didn’t think it was “appropriate.”

I went to the bedroom to change my clothes and lie down for a while and pray for strength. I wasn’t feeling any better. It seemed I grew worse as time went on, so I got up to wash my face. I determined that if I threw up maybe finally I would feel some relief. I did feel a little better. Then I brushed my teeth, washed my face again and headed in to Chelsea’s room to change her dressing. I knew it wouldn’t take long, but I suspect that if I hadn’t thrown up first I would never have gotten through it.

My doctor’s appointment is in the morning. (Hey, maybe he can order an A1C while I’m there since I didn’t get one last time.) Then I’ll fill my prescription, if he gives me one, and pick up a couple of last-minute gifts and start thinking about picking up items for Christmas dinner. So far, we have a ham, yams and enough french style green beans for a casserole. I’m not sure if we have enough eggs for deviled eggs. We don’t even keep potatoes in the house, anymore, since we can’t have them, but we can’t have Christmas dinner without mashed potatoes and gravy–just ask Cameron.

I must be feeling better. I could have never typed a whole paragraph about food forty minutes ago. Still, it’s time to stop. Immediately.

It’s December 23 and I should have been in the living room, watching Christmas movies, instead of sitting here drifting in and out of consciousness in my chair in the family room while Chuck watched “Shark Tank.”

Anyway, I’m off to wash my face with hot water again and quite probably go to bed. If I don’t have any time to jump on here tomorrow I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Chelsea’s Fundraiser Benefit

Chelsea’s Pizza Hut benefit was a huge success, I would say! Pizza Hut had not yet calculated their day’s receipts when we left, but the auction Jl Lake thought of brought in $287. The raffle for which LouAnna Wrisinger donated three wonderful Hallmark items brought in $150, and one very generous soul donated $500 for Chelsea!

Winners of our raffle were Lucianna Harris, who won the Hallmark Jingle pup interactive toy; Mary Fisher, who won the Hallmark singing, skiing snowman; and Rachel Leigh, from Odessa, who won the Hallmark Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer recordable storybook.

The last time I checked Chelsea’s GoFundMe page was at $585. She has three checks she hasn’t cashed, yet, and some money one of Cameron’s coworkers gave him to give to her.

We are very pleased and grateful for how things are going.

Thank you, everyone, for coming out to show your love and support for Chelsea. Thank you for all who either donated or bought the online auction items and to those who donated time and money to this event, and Higginsville Pizza Hut, too, for all their help!

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Shrink Those Fat Cells!

I am on my TWENTY-SIXTH batch of Shrinker. Multiply that by two and that’s how many Shrinkers I’ve drunk. I should have had my family buy me caramel extract for Christmas! That stuff is like liquid gold! LOL

My morning has started off great. My baked oatmeal is in the oven, and I’m sippin’ my Shrinker. I found a good Christmas movie on the DVR and walked an additional 6.11 minutes–for a Christmas-miracle grand total of 26.11 minutes–MY, that’s almost half an hour on the treadmill! And the last six minutes I increased the speed .1 miles per hour. Hey, don’t laugh. An increment is an increment. Ha!

I got my Christmas treats handed out to the kids on my bus yesterday afternoon and this morning (for the ones who weren’t on yesterday) and have an orange left over (and half a package of Christmas Rolo minis… OOPS! Hopefully, my son will come back over today and take them home with him). I was wondering if I could fix myself a THM Orange Julius for lunch maybe with my surplus orange. I’ll google it, but I’m thinking it shouldn’t be too hard with some whey protein powder, vanilla extract and crushed ice. What a holiday TREAT!!!

One of my daughter’s former coworkers at the Missouri Career Center (where my daughter volunteered) has set up a fundraiser for her at Pizza Hut this coming Monday, and she has a Go Fund Me page, too. I can’t begin to tell you what a blessing this is for her. She desperately needs a low-air-loss mattress for her hospital bed. Isn’t it strange that Medicaid would cover the bed, but not the mattress? With a significant wound like hers, you would think they would! It’s wonderful to have our daughter home for Christmas. We just pray that her wound doesn’t worsen without the proper mattress. God is pouring out His blessings on our daughter (and family) through the love and support of many friends. He is SO GOOD!

When I was looking through my closet for something else, I found a top that I thought I had donated to Planet Aid because it looked too risque. I tried it on, and it looks fine now! It’s amazing what happens to your wardrobe when you lose your boobs (and cleavage)! I had this blouse in a red, too, but probably it got donated. Boo for me, but yay for someone else!

Where do you live? Do you have a mall? Or is it a small town like mine, lined with mom and pop shops up and down decorated streets with sidewalks of bustling shoppers? Is there Christmas music playing over the loudspeaker uptown like there is here? Fix yourself a Shrinker and go uptown today! Soak it all in. Let’s end this weekend before Christmas with a bang!

Shrink those fat cells, ladies! Shrink, walk, and burn, baby, burn! And GLISTEN for the holidays! Let’s all have a Merry Christmas and the BEST, TRIMMEST year ever in 2015! Girls, raise your mason jars! Three cheers for Trim Healthy Mama! And God bless us, every one!


Pinterest Hubby!

NSV: Today I am thankful for a supportive husband who joined Pinterest yesterday to help me with Trim Healthy Mama meal ideas. Meal planning has always been stressful for me, and even more so now with Trim Healthy Mama. My go-to meals of sloppy joes and spaghetti or lasagna or, in general, just something with buns or pasta are no longer in our what’s-for-dinner vocabulary. Even the MEANS by which we prepare foods we used to enjoy is changing, along with sides. I am happy I’m not in this by myself. Yay for supportive hubbies!

Expecting Good Results and Got No Results at All

I’m a little miffed. I called the doctor’s office a couple of weeks ago and said I needed to come in for my A1C. Chuck and I were excited to see what it would be after six months of my new eating plan and treadmill regimen. My appointment was Tuesday and my lab results came in the mail on Saturday. Nowhere on that piece of paper was there an A1C reading. I called the doctor’s office yesterday, and they said they would return my call when they found out why I didn’t get an A1C. Meanwhile, Chuck called home from work four or five times wanting to know if I had found out anything.

Finally someone called back and said an A1C apparently wasn’t ordered. I said, “Why? That was the whole purpose for my visit!”

“I don’t know,” she responded. “Are you diabetic?”

“Yes,” I replied. “I should have had an A1C done. I ALWAYS do.”

“I agree with you,” she said.

“What happens now?” I ask. “Will I have to come back in and get stuck again? I refuse to pay for another lab. It’s not my fault.”

“I agree with you,” she said again.

“Well, I’m not paying any more money for something that was not my fault.”

“I will relay that information,” she replied.

She called back later and said either I can come back in and have the lab done again or I can just wait until next time.

“Six months?” I said. “Why wasn’t I given the A1C test THIS time?”

“Well, the doctor said it wasn’t really necessary because you’re only PRE diabetic.”

No, I don’t accept that. The doctor messed up and is now covering. I ALWAYS get an A1C. I was looking forward to this SO much! I feel like I was robbed of some encouraging news, and we all need encouraging news from time to time, especially when you’ve changed your life around and want to see that it’s really making a difference.. frown emoticon