Cam’s New Job

No way could I ever tally up the blessings that God has bestowed upon me and my family. Personal redemption for myself AND my husband AND my kids is a big one. The restoration of our marriage is another monumental blessing–after being divorced for two years. Also, I am warmed by the comfort of knowing that my parents are now enjoying all the glories of God in heaven and that someday I will see them again. Even if we experienced nothing else that was good in this lifetime, that would be enough, to know that heaven is a sure thing based upon our relationship with the Lord and what He did on our behalf.

Saturday night Chuck and I were recounting some of the instances where God has shown tremendous favor in our lives. At times it has been and still is overwhelming. Sometimes our collective breath catches in our throats as we reflect back to the many kindnesses that God as showered upon us.

Today is another one of those times. Today, when Cameron arrived at his job interview, he said he was in a room of thirty-five to forty other people who were also waiting to be interviewed. They were split up into groups of five or so and asked various questions, and then they would shift to another interviewer who would ask them another set of questions. Finally, they all returned to their seats and were told if their name wasn’t called it meant they were cut and wouldn’t be offered a job. Cameron was already thinking how nerve-wracking that would be, to have to sit in a room full of people and not know whether you were going to be one of the ones who would be sent home. His name was the first name called!

When I called his cell phone after my route this afternoon he had just returned home and couldn’t wait to tell me all about his day. I was so happy I almost cried, right there in the office at the bus lot. This is over-the-top wonderful. Once again I feel that we have been blessed beyond measure.

Cameron said that must mean that this job is meant for him–since he got it. Our prayer had been for God’s will to be done, that the best thing would happen, whether that meant that Cameron got the job or didn’t get the job–and I’ve been praying all day.

He said he had never experienced anything like this before, and now he is on cloud nine. The increase in his pay is substantial. In three months he will be making well over nine hundred dollars more a month than he makes at his current job.

He told them he wanted to give his present employer two weeks notice, so he won’t start until the middle of June. God is so very good to us.

Grace means that we always, always, always get better than we deserve–even on our hardest days. Days like this, though.. Wow. How can I even describe it? Instead of the bread to sustain us, which would be enough, this is over and beyond. This is like cupcakes with big dollops of cream cheese icing and sprinkles and cherries–and party streamers and confetti! I feel like God has thrown a big party and invited us to come! This is so over and beyond.

Oh, and thanks to the MANY who joined their prayers to ours today. We appreciate it so much!

Kindred Bound

Chelsea is being transported to Kindred tonight. She looks good and feels good. Our prayer is that her kidneys hold up under this antibiotic. The good news is that they have decreased the dosage to only once every 24 hours. Chelsea said the worst case scenario would be if her creatinine levels were to get too high and they would have to open her back up and take out some more of the infected bone. But that is the WORST case scenario. Otherwise, she’ll just recuperate at Kindred with the wound vac and the rest of her antibiotics. Dr. James assured her she would be home in time for her birthday on July 5.

Gifts of the Heart

What’s a warm smile and a cheery greeting worth? All the treasures of a child’s heart. Yesterday morning as he was getting on the bus a little boy gave me a ring he had made from tiny rubber bands, and yesterday afternoon another little boy gave me the precious gift of a beautiful, bright yellow dandelion he had picked. I tucked it in the side of my sunglasses and wore it all through my afternoon route. These little gifts made my whole day. The children could have given them to their teacher or to one of their friends on the bus or in the classroom, yet they chose to give them to me. I felt special and rich. Children may not have much to give, but they give with their whole heart.