Bringing Chelsea Home

We are so very thankful to have our girl back home. It has been (still is) a long road to recovery. She still has a significant, deep wound that requires daily care and protein for healing, but to have her finally home…wow. Cameron was truly surprised. We pulled it off. He had no clue we were bringing her home with us today.

Chelsea had been craving Red Robin since she was in Centerpoint in December so tonight we celebrated her release from Kindred with a family outing at Red Robin. We were further blessed in that we were able to make it to Kindred, Red Robin and home without being drenched by heavy rain. In fact, we saw hardly any rain at all.

What a great day. It was a long time coming; it felt like she was never coming home. Three and a half months she was away, and I know how discouraging it was for her, as well. Thanks, seriously, to all our friends and family who sent cards, visited her, called her and prayed for her. You guys are the best. You were God’s love to her. You played a big role in helping her through this long, difficult road, and we appreciate it so much. Goodbye, Northland. We have our girl home! Praise the Lord.

Me and Chelsea, Red Robin, April 2, 2014