Dad’s Birthday

October 9. My dad would have turned 77 today, were he on earth instead of in heaven. I used to carry a picture in my purse of Dad with Chelsea in his lap. She was wearing a little blue polka dot dress with a red bow and a white lacy collar, and he was wearing the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. He wasn’t looking at the camera; he was looking at his granddaughter, and his eyes were gleaming.

One day I was showing the picture to a friend, and she commented on his smile, saying, “Can you count the back ones, too?”

He was the most loving dad a girl could ever ask for and the proudest grandpa. Oh, how he loved us. And how we loved him.

As a girl I remember making popcorn balls with him in the kitchen and homemade donuts.

So many times I long to go over for another Monday-night visit.

I wish I could just pick up the phone and call him whenever I wanted.

He was a kind and gentle soul, and there will never be another like him, the greatest dad in all the earth and I was proud to call him mine.

People say your view of God often depends on the kind of earthly father you have (had). That explains why I think God would be kind, loving, good, and fair–only more┬áso, because I know that my heavenly father would not be any less than my earthly father.

Every time I hear someone present a theological concept that maligns the character of God (and this is what I tell my kids, too) I know it can’t possibly be true because I know, if my earthly dad could never be like that or do something like that, it would be something a hundred times removed from my heavenly father who is so much more than any earthly father could ever be.

I’m thankful to have had a dad who gave me such a clear picture of all God must be.